• Anina is the head and founder of bayou. She's composing to escape from daily life and to get back to balance. She was member of several pop and jazz band projects. Today she acts as a singer and a songwriter and she teaches teenagers, also in music. Her virtue is a positive attitude towards life. That's why some people get irritated whenever they get a compliment from her spontaneously. Anina is a Taurus as a zodiac sign, she doesn't avoid fights and she does not give up too early.

    vocals, composition

    Anina Tiegermann

  • After studying jazz in Bern for two years, Demian worked as a bassplayer in different jazz, funk, and Latin groups. He decided to continue studying at the Academy of Popmusic in Mannheim. Due to his Argentinian roots, he pushes bayou’s new compositions towards a more energetic and rhythmical more complex mood.  Demian is surfing through life, so you definitely never get bored.


    Demian Gattas

  • Moving from Lithuania to Italy, from Italy to Denmark, from Denmark to Switzerland, Dalius is a master of the art of living. After his bachelor in jazz trumpet in Copenhagen and a master in electroacoustic composition in Zurich, Dalius is now working at different projects as a musician and creator. Due to his immense  knowledge in programming, he knows exactly how to shape bayous unique sound character. Eventhough at first sight he does not seem to be amused - once he starts laughing, it's hard to not be attached.

    trumpet / flugelhorn

    Dalius Singer

  • Dominic is a jazz drummer in several jazz- and pop-projects. Besides, he has been working as a drum teacher for many years. 2014 he finished his study in Jazz at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZhdK).  Dominic is predestinated to play the drums in bayous band due to the fact that he loves triphop since ages. Be careful: his black humour can be bloody unexpected!


    Dominic Eschmann

  • Fabian has already been on stage with Anina for more than ten years. They’ ve got a revival now. Looking nerdy in younger age, Fabian definitely worked at his aim to be your mother’s sincerely dreamed son-in-law. If you're nice to him, he may pick you up for a flight above Switzerland’s mountains. 

    Fabians soli stimulate your 'birdfeelings', so get ready to fly!


    Fabian Schneider

  • bayou found a sound tinkerer and technical experienced pianist in one: Dimitri Kindle. He will surely influence bayou’s sound by spreading more glamour where it's needed and add more deepness where it already seemed to be deep. Get ready for that shit. 

    You can also listen to Dimitri at Circus Oh lala. When he's not playing, he's either teaching at Kantonsschule Burggraben St.Gallen, playing chess or challenging his body at the gym. 


    Dimitri Kindle

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